Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My fave designer in the world!

Ok, so for those who know me, I say it often enough that I'm sure you know who I'm talking about... 
I've been ordering from her for years (even have a shirt from her from way back when I didn't know her). 
I've ordered from her store and I've had the luck of having her make me some custom shirts and more.

so... the yellow and blue one was the first custom she made me and the rest are customs too... I order them in packs of two on a regular basis, it's really quite addicting...lol.
I wear one of her creation on a daily basis, only taking it off to sleep, shower and to wash it...
the super awesome coat of epicness!!!!! 
(gonna be sorry when the warm weather comes in...lol)

Poppy (Jennifer) is very creative and is always up to making the things I ask. She makes great items with great care and great quality! 
her stores has a great selection of items, for everyone's taste. 
has "One of a kind and limited edition Custom Band, Movie, genre, Vintage, Geek and Character Tutus, clothing and fashion accessories!" for adults and kids.
(I did both kids photos and I do own the Ghost Buster's shirt :P)

She has another store with a more indie feel, named simply Poppy, has a great selection of legwarmers/armwarmers  and scowls, on top of great shirts and skirts...
(I do own the 3 center items...:)

So.... can you tell I'm addicted!! lol

and you know the best part? I feel like these shirts are helping me feel like myself, they make me feel special in my own way. I don't get these shirts because I wanna make an impression of some sort, I get them (and wear them) for ME!!! I'm glad to have her as a friend (if only on facebook) and I will SO get more shirts! :D

OH!!!! and I got me a new package from her yesterday!!!! I don't have pics of  my customs but I did take pics of my daughter's dresses... here's a preview
(my customs are a Panic at the Disco halter hoodie and a Star Wars tunic)
and I was so like "OMG!!! Poppy wore those shirts for the pics!! eeeeeekk!!!"lol

Well... there ya go!!! GO SHOPPING!!!
Did I mention she has a spring sale running in both shops!!! :D
 (sale ends April 23rd 2011)